Have you been thinking about enrolling your child into a preschool dance class? Dancers learn so much more than how to move, dance gives a wonderful foundation for many other skills in life, If you’re not sure yet, here are five wonderful benefits of dancing for pre-schoolers:


  1. It engages the brain – In preschool dance class, dancers are taught to remember sequences of steps, colour recognition, to use their imagination, counting and rhythm. They develop problem solving skills and learn to recognise patterns.
  2. It develops social and emotional skills– dancers are given the skills to cooperate in a class environment, to share, to take turns, to communicate with their teacher and their dance friends. These skills are so useful for dancers in other areas of their lives. They learn to listen to and apply corrections, and begin to understand about step progression.
  3. It utilises and enhances fine motor and gross motor development – The steps our dancers learn range from big movements engaging different muscles in their legs and arms right down to little intricate movements with their fingers. Preschool dance is a beautiful and comprehensive way to develop these skills
  4. It develops coordination and balance – Preschool dance class will often develop a child’s coordination – both with the body and hand and eye coordination. Dancers learn to use their bodies in graceful and purposeful ways. They learn to balance on one leg, on their toes, to jump and skip and spin.
  5. It teaches self-control and discipline – Dancers learn these very important skills in class. They are taught to wait for their turn, to share props, to stand still, to wait and to listen. These skills are utilised throughout every area of their lives and are invaluable to learn. Listening skills, attention spans and the ability to focus are all core skills for a dancer, and preschool dance class is the perfect introduction to learn this as an age appropriate environment.



We have many wonderful providers of preschool dance here on the Central Coast, each offering different curriculums, and teaching methods.


Happy Dancing