The Many Roles of your Dance Teacher

Dance Teachers these days are so much more than educators of dance. They wear so many different hats in their roles, but sometimes we forget just how much they take on. Let’s take a moment to appreciate just how many roles your fabulous dance teachers play:

The role they are trained to do. A position that takes years of experience, patience and dedication to fulfill properly. Don’t forget, even the very best dance teachers started out somewhere many years ago, in their first dance class with no experience! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’ve ‘been there and done that’ with everything.

Your teachers watch you grow, they share you passions, your goals, your triumphs and your disappointments. They feel all these things just as keenly as you do, and just like a friend, they want nothing more than to help you decide and fulfil your dance goals.

Had a bad day at school? I bet your dance teachers know how to turn that frown upside down. Whether it be a friendly and understanding person to talk to, or someone to give you the perfect distraction from your troubles. Dance teachers have been doubling as counsellors for many years. Dance is the perfect way to let go and forget your troubles for a time, dance teachers understand that you have a life outside of the studio, and sometimes it doesn’t go all that well, when this is the case, you’ll find them a perfect person to vent to.

Who wants you to succeed more than your dance teacher? Who puts their hard work and energy in to helping you find your motivation when you just aren’t feeling it? Your dance teachers are your biggest cheerleaders. They celebrate and encourage your achievements as if they are their own and rightly so. Think of how much work they put in to help you achieve your goals… if you just can’t get that step right, they keep providing you with new ways, new tips and new perspectives to look at it. They create routines for you to look your absolute best on stage and show up to cheer you on from side stage… who needs pom poms when you have fabulous dance teachers?!

Costume Designer/Makeup artist/Hairdresser:
Not always as easy as it looks, costume design and costume sourcing takes hour and hours of a teacher’s time. But they do it willingly to get that routine looking it’s absolute best. They’re also highly skilled when it comes to stage makeup and hair design. No-one can do a ballet bun faster than a dance teacher at concert time!

What other roles do your dance teachers take on in your lives? I know of several who quickly turn into chauffeurs, personal assistants and chefs at a moments notice in the name of their dance teaching profession. Let us know all the different hats your dance teacher wears in the comment section below and take a moment today to thank your dance teachers for all the extra things they do beyond being fabulous at teaching dance!

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